This book is prepared to help participants and learners deal effectively with the many types of communications challenges they face every day. Each activity is designed to help participants better understand some facet of communications and gain expertise in that communications skill or competency.

Part I. Communications Principles

  1. Communications Is an Art

  2. Communicating Time

  3. Communications Is the Key

  4. I Know You Believe You Understand

  5. Communications Model

  6. Listening Dilemma

  7. Interactive Listening Tips

  8. Listening Bad Habits

  9. Listening Questionnaire

  10. Seven Levels of Listening

  11. Silent Messages

  12. The Three Levels of Communications

  13. Nonverbal Listening Test

  14. Laws of Remembering

  15. Laws of Forgetting

  16. Meaning of Words

  17. Communications Circles

  18. Attention Spans

  19. Meaning of Listening

Part II. Communications Icebreakers

  1. Vanity Name Cards

  2. Repeating Introductions

  3. Circle, Square, Triangle, or Z

  4. Introducing Each Other

  5. Fantasy Career

  6. Name that Participant

  7. Story of Your Name

  8. Nickname Game

  9. Introduction Bingo

  10. Card Match

Part III. Communications Exercises

  1. Reading Test

  2. The Longest Line

  3. Color Block

  4. Following Directions

  5. Train Story

  6. Count the Ss

  7. Communications Shutdowns

  8. Repeat the Question

  9. Quick Answers

  10. Rephrasing Exercise

  11. Wedding Story

  12. Who Done It?

  13. Picture Puzzle

  14. Creative Fairy Tale

  15. Rumors

  16. The Shoe Store

  17. Two Moose Sitting on a Log

  18. Communications Styles

  19. “Oh”

  20. Word Games

  21. Trading Cards



Reproduced from 50 Communications Activities, Icebreakers, and Exercises, by Peter R. Garber. Amherst, MA, HRD Press, 2008.

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