Planning a lesson is of crucial importance. It saves teachers from being lost. Also it guides them to proceed with the syllabus. Think of time when you enter the classroom without any lesson plan, how would you feel? Your students would be aware of your situation and they would spoil your work. Be sure that a good lesson plan makes a confident teacher. Some teachers do their job at random even if they follow teacher’s book, so experience supplies good strategies for teachers. I tend to give a support to the new teachers with suggested lesson planning. First of all, before starting to present your work,  scan your syllabus and have a look at the unit how it proceeds, what activities it contains, what materials should be used, what topics are treated. The tasks we should plan and they create problems for both teachers and students are: vocabulary, grammar, structures, functions, and the four skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing. In Reading Skills, It is advisable to use SQ4RS to help students grasp and understand more the passage.

 What is SQ4Rs? 

It is a method which helps the students improve their reading skills, It consists of survey, question, reading, reciting, and retrieving / reflecting.

Before reading a text, survey it to get its main idea. We can survey it by its title sub titles, pictures, graphs, charts, introduction and conclusion, or a topic sentence and concluding sentence.

 While reading, we ask questions that we think the text is going to answer especially what, why and how. These questions are going to be helpful.

 In reading we follow the information in sequence keeping in mind the questions we asked; we should have a reason why to read.


 After reading the text and answering the questions we remember the information, and we try to repeat the information without going back to the text; this strategy helps the student to develop their speaking abilities.

Review and retrieve:

This stage belongs to the post activity; It consists of producing information, it encourages students to use language in their own style. This is the effective learning

1- Warm up

after marking the absence, having a look around the class, s/he greets the students. S/he asks them what they did yesterday. What do they remember to check his/ her lesson? T. asks them: “ what do you do in your free time? _ What’s your favorite activity? ( All this in 5 minutes )

By Abdellah Sallou

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