Classroom language plays an important part in classroom management as well as the process of learning. The following PDF document (15 pages) includes detailed useful expressions that teachers of English use on a daily basis. Feel free to download it below.

The Main Contents :

  • Classroom Phrases / Expressions for Teachers
  • Grouping students
  • Classroom Language: The beginning of the lesson
    • Introductions
    • Time to begin
    • Waiting to start
    • Put your things away
    • Register
    • Late
  • Simple instructions
  • The end of the lesson
    • Time to stop
    • Not time to stop
    • Wait a minute
    • Next time
    • Homework
    • Goodbye
    • Leaving the room
  • The language of spontaneous situations
  •  Classroom management
  •  Error correction
  • Praising
  • Presentation
  • Application

Compiled by Abdelkarim F. / Source : miscellaneous

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    I am from Tehran- Iran.
    I teach english as a tutor. would you please introduce me more information or books about teaching to young learners.
    thank you for your useful site.
    Good Luck

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